Statistically lucky

Living conditions Malawi

Living conditions Malawi

You could say I am part of the lucky group. Reading the 2008 population and housing census of Malawi, I realised that my living standards are great. Here’s why. I have a flush toilet, like only 3.1% of the population. Most people (82.1%) use traditional pit toilet and an unbelievable 11.7% have no facility whatsoever. What else? Well my house/office has electricity. Alright, there is a blackout almost every day, but still. Only 7.2% of the population uses electricity as their main source of energy for lighting. The biggest share (85.7%) uses paraffin. When it comes to cooking, I do like 8% of the population (but 43.4% in urban areas), I use charcoal. Most people however use firewood (88%). Oh and I even have drinking water coming out of a tap in my yard, a privilege shared by only 4.5% of the population. Most Malawians (48%) have to pump water from a borehole. And pay attention, 18.3% use unprotected wells and 6.8% use water from rivers and streams.

Source: Population and Housing Census 2008, Main report, Government of Malawi, National Statistical Office, Sept. 2009.


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