Small Ones Develop – the Organisation!

It took some time for the dream to come true. In general, the organisation is born and then follows, possible, a blog. We did the contrary. But it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that we know where we are going!

So, on Saturday 12 April, we called in a meeting, a few young and motivated people showed up, and together we decided to build the organisation Small Ones Develop. Which we will also abbreviate SmOD. The constitutive AGM (Annual General Meeting) enabled us among other things to choose the organisation’s name, adopt the statutes and elect a board.

The first board meeting is booked for May, 4th. But until then, we will start looking into logo, website, start-up grants, organisation number, and so on. A new adventure is beginning.

Thanks to all the new board members for their commitment!

We will keep you posted on this blog so if, like us, you think this is exciting, follow us! And don’t hesitate to comment. A lot of info will be uploaded in the coming weeks!


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