First ever AMAIDI EU-meeting

First of a kind

From Friday 26 to Saturday 27 September 2014, AMAIDI’s first ever EU-meeting was being held in Rösrath, a small city located 15 minutes away from Cologne, Germany. In the presence of CEO Tanja Siebert, Netherlands representative Anne Hartman and Swedish partner Chris Banning, many topics were discussed in order to consolidate the foundations of the volunteer organisation. Unfortunately, founder Camille van Neer could not take part in the meeting and he was dearly missed.

Anne Hartman, Tanja Siebert and Chris Banning in front of the conference centre

Anne Hartman, Tanja Siebert and Chris Banning in front of the meeting centre


Athough there were only 3 people, this may have been an advantage more than anything else. Indeed, 1,5 day is not much when you have to discuss tons of issues. On our agenda were topics such as establishing the right fee, strengthening the organisation’s structure, securing the commitment of partners within AMAIDI, creating/modifying contracts, updating volunteer job descriptions (VJD), designing trainings for country coordinators and volunteers, etc.

In other words, Saturday was a long day. But also a very productive one. And last but not least, it was a great opportunity to put a face on certain names. Until we meet again, good luck to all AMAIDI collaborators!

Meeting centre

Meeting centre

[The meeting’s minutes will be uploaded when they’ll have been approved]

4 responses to “First ever AMAIDI EU-meeting

  1. Hello. I m Ashim D Costa AMAIDI VOLUNTEERS from Bangladesh Dhaka. Our country coordinator Mrs Orpa. She guide us.we also like to go with AMAIDI. we hope once a time we will serve out volunteer service all over world.

    • Hi Ashim,
      Thank you for your comment. That’s everybody’s hope within AMAIDI: that we get big, send lots of volunteers, but mostly that we help many local organisations and people.
      As a follow-up of our EU-meeting, we will soon be in touch with all our country coordinators in order to secure their commitment. You will be informed shortly I am sure.

  2. Thank you Chris, Anne and Tanja! This meeting and more meeting to come have been highly wanted to consolidate the Amaidi Operations.

    I happy to see that Amaidi now has such a strong European team where we expect to receive most of our volunteers. We the local team members will be tasked to ensure that we source, assess the partners to ensure their targets and interests, and those of the candidate, they are matched with the right volunteer/s

    Belinda contacted me earlier about ensuring the Amaid Africa partners VJD forms are updated. We are working on it and hope the updated soonest!

    • Thank you Mamerito!
      We also all thought that it was a necessary step in the development of AMAIDI’s operations. Very soon we will be in touch with all our country coordinators in order to ask them whether they want to continue being part of the AMAIDI adventure! So much to do, but it’s exciting 😉

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