European meeting against TTIP in Brussels

Today should be the last day of the 8th round of TTIP negotiations between the EU and the US taking place in Brussels. When those negotiations started, I too was in Brussels on behalf of SmOD, along with around 200 people representing 150 organisations from 25 European countries. We were all there for a 2-day meeting – 1-2 February – in order to discuss the strategies that will strengthen our growing anti-TTIP movement throughout 2015.


Plenary session on day 1

One of the high points of day 1 was the summary of the different strategies, activities, successes and development of the national coalitions in each European country. In a plenary session, we also talked about the main strategic focuses of 2015, namely: 1) Continue to collect signatures; 2) The Global Action Day on 18 February; 3) Lobbying of MPs; and 4) Spread information and influence public opinion at local level.

ECI workshop

ECI workshop

On day 2, we were divided in 7 workshops in order to concentrate efforts and go deeper into certain topics. I was part of the ECI (European Citizens’ Initiative) workshop from which I received great ideas to help launch the Swedish coalition.

As a tiny organisation, SmOD has long been alone in Sweden to represent the European coalition and I was thereby incapable of describing the Swedish advancements since those were virtually non existing. Nevertheless, a few important actors have joined the struggle in recent weeks: Jordens Vänner and Skiftet. Thanks to those 2 organisations, and hopefully many others soon, SmOD is convinced that we will be able to create awareness throughout Sweden and eventually start a national resistance.

And to prove you that I really was in Brussels, here are a few snaps from the European Institutions.

EU Council

Council of the European Union

Lex building: annex building of EU Council

Lex building: annex building of EU Council

European Commission

European Commission

Read more about the campaign in Sweden.
And if you haven’t done it yet, SIGN THE PETITION.

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