Fundraising Beach Volleyball Tournament

That’s it, Small Ones Develop slowly launches it fundraising campaign for an agroforestry project in Sokodé, Central Togo. We begin with a beach volleyball tournament in Gärdet, Stockholm, on Sunday 7 June.. that is if it doesn’t rain. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Place: Gärdets sportfält | Time: 3 PM | Day: 7 June 2015

The idea is that we play in team of 3 people. Each team plays one another in the team groups before the best 2 teams from each group move to the final table. The registration cost is 150 sek per team and we will provide juice and small vegetarian sandwiches (Swedish fralla). For more details and if you want to participate, go to the facebook event. You can also send an email with the 3 names of the team members as well as a cool team name to

Gärdet fieldslong

The beach VB courts in Gärdet

The project, called ReforesTogo, has an agricultural and a reforestation aspect as well as it uses a training and sensitising approach. 20 vulnerable local farmers from around Sokodé will be hired, trained and sensitised each year as part of the project.

3 types of trees will be replanted on the project demonstration plots: Moringa trees, for their leaves’ great nutrition and health benefits, Acacia trees, because they are used as charcoal or firewood, and Jatropha trees, for their fruits’ bio-fuel potential. On the side, there will also be a chili garden that will contribute to making the project financially sustainable thanks to the commercialisation of the chili fruits.


If you are interested in the project, you can visit our website and read more about it. We will also start a crowdfunding campaign in the coming weeks.

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