The compass

We believe that everything has a purpose. And as a reader, we believe that you might benefit from knowing what exactly the purpose of this blog is. In the end, you might understand better why you are here – unless you decide to leave but then there is nothing we could do about that. ANYWAY…

What we want to do with this blog is:

  1. To talk about development in a broad way;
  2. To focus on – i.e observe, describe and comment – the experience(s) of what we like to call “the small ones”; thereby
  3. To depict our own experiences and conscious evolution; and more generally
  4. To promote and discuss SmOD’s activities.

This is SmOD’s official blog and we want anyone following the organisation to be able to comment freely on whatever is related to SmOD. So feel free to get back to us, we would love to hear what you think.

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