The globetrotters

Here you can find quick info about the authors of this blog. Originally, blog articles were written by Fra and Chris. But with time, more people joined our team of globetrotters and do-gooders. Among the writers of this blog, you can find for instance our AMAIDI volunteers.

Francesca (aka Fra)

26 years old redhead. 95% Italian 5% Swedish, born in Monza and raised in beautiful Busto Arsizio, north of Italy. Escaped to Sweden because of too much beauty. EVS in Oskarshamn, Sweden and master’s degree in hydrology at Stockholm University. Bad at languages (she says) but good at finding stuff on google.

Fra & Chris in Fougères, France, 2013

Chris (aka Chris)

28 years old, raised in a tiny little place in Lower Normandy, France. Literature student in high school before studying international business at university. Lived in Brasil during 10 months while doing an internship in a small trade company. Returned to France before moving to Sweden in order to do a 12-months EVS project. Realised along the way that business sucked so decided to study a one-year master programme called Peace & Development Work. Now works as President of the Board for the organisation Small Ones Develop.

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